ElumeStemCell™ is a consumer cosmetics line featuring groundbreaking products that recapture the luminosity of youthful skin.

Formulated with: growth factors, natural hyaluronic acid, and matrix proteins, our products consistently deliver age-defying results without the unpleasant side effects sometimes associated with other cosmetic therapies.

Our founders have been executives in the beauty industry before starting families and now this company. Their spouses are doctors who have owned and operated dozens of clinics in the regenerative medicine field.

As a result, our founders were able to try most of the aesthetic products on the market before available to the public.

While our founders watched their husband's clinics get incredible results for happy patients with regenerative medicine and many "stem cell" products come out in the aesthetic space, they strived to find a solution get these medical aestetic services to every busy woman without the high price tag and in the comfort of their own home.

All of this, combined with changes seen worldwide due to the pandemic in 2020, our founders became determined to make ElumeStemCell™ available to the world.

We have the unique ability to leverage relationships with labs and scientists all over the world because of our doctor's expertise and success in the clinical setting.

Now, we can offer the same expected clinical results from the comfort of your own home. Our founders discovered solutions to their own skincare needs within the components of the ElumeStemCell™ kit.

Just follow the recommendations from our doctors described in our tutorial video.